About Presence of IT

Presence of IT is a leading consultancy in the world’s foremost HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions.

We provide thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services in human capital management to some of the world’s largest private and public sector organisations.

Our strength is the excellence of our people and our focus is on our clients. This focus has seen us evolve into a global organisation to better support our clients in their respective markets, the world over.

About Presence of IT - Learn More

About Presence of IT - Learn More

Where did we come from?

Presence of IT was established in Sydney 1999 as a specialist HR/Payroll technology provider. Presence of IT began because we believed that the HR community was not being well serviced or advised. HR products were relatively immature and complex, and there were only a limited number of specialist resources. This combination had serious implications for the industry.

So we built a company by attracting the very best people in the market and created an environment where these specialists would openly collaborate and give clients the best possible solutions.

This has been an overwhelming success, as specialists want to work with other specialists, to be creative, deliver value and support clients.

Our success really comes down to two factors:

Firstly we’ve always stuck to our core skills. We’ve been true to our niche positioning, as Australia’s leading consultants for the world’s foremost HR/Payroll and Workforce Management solutions.

Secondly, but more importantly, our success is all about people. We’ve never compromised on the quality of our people.

Not just ordinary people, excellent people, passionate people. And people who are not just excellent at their jobs, but who – through HR consulting – help our clients to be excellent.

Why 'Presence of IT'?

The name ‘Presence of IT’ came from the concept of working within Information Technology (IT), applying business logic to the ever changing technology landscape.

We have a great knowledge of IT, but more than that, we are a strong presence within our client’s business.

We liaise with business representatives and work closely with them to ensure that they get the most out of their IT solutions and that they are ultimately aligned with their business objectives.

We are their trusted Advisor.

Why 'Excellence in People'?

The term ‘Excellence in People’ reflects what we value as a company. Our focus has always been on employing the very best people and developing close partnerships with our clients, to provide the best possible solutions.

Put simply, we have excellent people who help our clients achieve excellence in the management of their people.