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One of the biggest trends in HR right now is continuous learning. With disruptive technology and constantly fluctuating economic conditions driving instability in every marketplace, organizations are increasingly looking for greater levels of innovation and agility. The best way to foster that agility is to create an organization that places a high degree of importance on learning and development.

While your employees can use their new skills and knowledge for bringing great results to your organization’s bottom line, the effects on your culture are profound. People perform at their best when they feel their organisation is invested in them. An investment in your people’s learning and development is an investment in organizational culture, and it’s an investment that pays significant dividends.

What’s the fuss?


Get up to speed with our 5-minute reads:

Building the business case for a learning management system

Outdated learning management systems are holding organizations back, but they’re often one of the last pieces of technology they decide to replace.

Getting optimum results from your learning management system

Many organizations unfortunately see their LMS as simply a cost centre or compliance tool that only requires the bare minimum of investment or effort.

Machine learning 101 for HR: what do you need to know?

For many HR professionals, the emerging digital work environment is shining a giant spotlight on their digital and technical skill/awareness void.

Introducing Solution DNA for Learning

Solution DNA for Learning is Presence of IT's Learning Management System powered by SAP SuccessFactors - a technology that offers abundant and accessible knowledge and growth for employees. Becoming a learning organization is essential for powering productivity and creating greater competitive agility. Take a look at our pre-built system for SuccessFactors Learning:


Tangible benefits


Accelerate your ROI and reduce your upfront costs


Our pre-configured design cuts deployment time to just 4 weeks


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Case Study Video

IDP Education is a global leader in the education services sector, with the world’s most extensive network of student placement offices in over 30 countries. Hear about IDP’s digital transformation journey and their partnership with Presence of IT in implementing a HR and Learning solution:


A ready-to-go Learning System

Employees today want professional development opportunities, but need them to be simple, flexible, and individualized. We've got you covered with our fully-configured SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Solution, including subscription, implementation, and content!

What’s next?

We are in the business of helping business better consume and use technology. It is our passion and we are committed to helping our customers do this as simply and as cost effectively as possible. We’d love to speak to you about your company’s particular LMS requirements - and if you have other HR projects, let’s talk about those too! Feel free to email me at, or call me at +1.512.599.0039 and let’s get a conversation started.

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