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Digital is not just about more technology – it’s about a different, better approach.

Presence of IT sits at the intersection of people and technology. We partner for outcomes.

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Post Go-Live Support - it can be bigger than you think. Don't fret - with Presence of IT's Application Managed Services, we design a support package that is right for you.

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Discover how our solutions could help prepare your organization for this new wave of workplace digital transformation.

IDP Education - Client Success Story

Hear about IDP’s global digital transformation journey and the impact this has had on their business.


Take a holistic approach to talent acquisition to better address skill shortages and meet company growth objectives.


New employees with structured onboarding are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after 36 months than those without.

Core HR

Increase in employee productivity by 25% with Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service.


Performance and Goals

Managers can improve employee performance by approximately 40% through setting clear expectations and goals.

Career Development and Succession Planning

Integrated reporting enabling HR to focus efforts on gaining insight and changing behavior.

Learning Management

Employees with access to an effective Learning Management Solution are 58% more prepared to meet future business demands.

Compensation Management 

Enable your people to accomplish more with technology and out-perform your competition.

Digital Change Management

Use our Ready to Run templates to consider what people need to know and how best to communicate it.


Bite-Size Training

Take advantage of our Ready to Run simple and easy to consume training.