KronosWorks 2017



GET READY FOR AN OBJECTIVE WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT! Before you dive into a new solution, we recommend our objective workforce management assessment by experienced industry professionals


ENABLE YOUR PEOPLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! A short but high value engagement, our SolutionCourse service is designed to help you navigate the process between the identified need and the development


ARE YOU READY TO SAVE TIME AND RESOURCES? We meet your need today and add increasing value over the long term



GET THE MOST OUR OF YOUR WORKPLACE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION! Specialist certified experts get the most out of your workforce management solution


GET MORE FROM YOUR KRONOS SOLUTION! We work with you to add functionality to your solution, integrate it more closely with your other systems and roll out new features as they become available


READY FOR A SEAMLESS, TRANSPARENT ADN COST-EFFECTIVE DEPLOYMENT! Our SolutionTrac project methodology and portal is included with every project, ensuring seamless



GET A FULLY CONFIGURED CORE KRONOS CLOUD SOLUTION WITHIN WEEKS! Your fully configured personalised Kronos Solution, Ready to go