Are you ready for NZ Pay Day Filing?

This is a new change which replaces the current monthly EMS Payroll data reporting to the IRD, to now file payroll data after each pay event.  This change needs to be live in your system by 01/04/2019 or earlier. The changes will be delivered by means of the September NZ Support Packs.

There are 2 files which need to be submitted:

  • EI File: Pay data similar to the figures being sent currently in the monthly EMS file

  • ES File: Employee details which include New Starters, Terminations and Kiwisaver / Tax changes

The files will need to be submitted within 2 working days of a Pay event.

SAP are supporting submission through the IRD gateway direct from the payroll software. This requires SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) to be used. This is what will be used for Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Australia. If you do not have SCPI at the moment, it will have to be obtained from SAP and licensing fees will apply.

For processing, there will be new transactions for generating the files as well as the B2A (Business to Authorities) Manager transaction to transmit the files.

An overview of the requirements:

  • Purchase SCPI licenses

  • Upskill on SCPI as it has its own delivery system

  • Register with SAP for gateway with IRD

  • Apply HR Support Packs. The changes have come out in the NZ September HR Support Packs

  • Customers who have both New Zealand and Australian payrolls,  may want to consider aligning go live with the Australian Single Touch Payroll (STP) go live

For more information, reach out to your Presence of IT Account Manager, who will be happy to assist.