Reflections on Oracle HCM World

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?  

Presence of IT’s Dave Frisina and Mike Beresford made the trip to Oracle HCM World in Dallas to find out, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  Three days of big learning, big networking and big fun with numerous sessions by industry thought leaders and plenty of opportunities to share ideas and exchange information.  Here are Dave and Mike’s conference highlights.

The opening keynote “The Experiential Organization” featured author and thought leader Jacob Morgan, CEO of The Future Organization, who covered how the best organisations are winning the war for talent and crushing the competition.  There’s a reason why Jacob is a leader in his field, with ongoing research of 252 organisations he’s well placed to share his thoughts on emerging trends.  One of our biggest takeaways from this keynote is the need for today’s companies to redesign their work around their people by focussing on culture, technology and the physical workspace.  Bottom line:  look after your employees, and your employees will take care of business – and you will see better returns on your investment.

The other key takeaway from Jacob’s entertaining presentation is that the frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas … maybe you had to be there for that one!  We were delighted to catch up with Jacob Morgan in person and have him sign one of his books “The Employee Experience Advantage”.    

With so much to take in across the three days of the event, we attended as much as we could. Here are some of the things that stood out for us:

  • The top 5 Human Resources priorities for 2018:  Know your business, customers & competition; Be more tech-savvy; Make data more interactive; Engage digital talent; Support diversity & wellbeing
  • Adopt, not adapt.  Have the tough conversation up front to change business process as people will get used to it. What they won’t get used to is a clunky system with a poor user experience.
  • A PriceWaterhouseCoopers survey showed that most companies didn’t get the value they anticipated out of the cloud. Their survey infers this is because most businesses didn’t change their business processes and pushed extensive configuration.  Their poll showed the minority of customers who adopted best business practice processes between 75 and 100% were the happiest with the value and moving to cloud.
  • Why is digital HR important for your story?  83% of cloud projects haven’t delivered anticipated value. Over the last 10 years, the thought process was based on the technology delivering the value, not the other important factors like culture that aggregate to deliver value.
  • Building a business case:  The cost saving story is not enough unless you can talk to consolidation, improving the operating model and retiring on-premise solutions. This needs to build into the bigger picture of the digital organisation’s place in the future of work.
  • Empowering HR transformation with AI – a thoroughly fascinating session on what artificial intelligence can do for us.
  • Author Grace Bonney’s presentation on practical and big-picture ways that HR teams can both entice and support women, and more diverse hires, to their companies, and keep them there long term.  
  • Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC).  There can be only one!  Very excited to be learning about the new ORC solution – stay tuned for more on this in the coming weeks.

We also fully appreciated the attendee appreciation evening which introduced us to the fine art of line dancing.  Yee ha!  

At Presence of IT, we work with Oracle solutions every day and it was absolutely inspiring to immerse in three days of presentations, discussions and networking around these solutions in the future of work.  

… and that’s a wrap from Oracle HCM World for 2018.  We leave with the last words of the conference just before we departed still ringing in our ears – “Y'all come back now, ya hear!”.  Indeed, we will.  For a full wrap up of HCM World, click here.

Dave Frisina and Mike Beresford
Presence of IT
20 – 22 March  I  Dallas, Texas

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