Culture, Tech & Environment – our key takeaways from the Employee Experience Summit

It’s the hottest topic on the HR plate right now, and the Employee Experience Summit in Melbourne was a fantastic learning experience.  The overlay of culture, technology and environment provides a complex and fascinating landscape for today’s human resources leaders.  High engagement is a direct line to company performance, and with a room full of c-suite HR professionals, there was no shortage to thought-provoking discussions.

Here are some of the key messages we heard across the two days of the conference:

  • A real shift is taking place, where customers are an extension of an organisation’s employees. HR has a role to play in this, and it will take time for them to adapt.  There is a need to link the employee experience to the customer experience.  HR initiatives need to be aligned to the overall corporate strategy – and there is no “one size fits all” approach.
  • Employees want to feel valued and appreciated. There are various ways for an organisation to do this, recognition in real time being one of the main ones.  We all experience things differently, our challenge is to create an environment that allows individuals to flourish. The employee experience is particularly important in times of restructure and transitioning.  And you cannot attract and retain good talent without good employee experience.
  • Data management and analytics is becoming critical.  Technology is important to engagement, but how you implement it is even more important.  Organisations can collect and gather powerful data to build a business case to invest in their employee experience.
  • Remember your organisation’s diversity when communicating, both internally and externally.  In fact, internal communications need to be seen and given the same weight as external marketing.

Presence of IT’s very own Rob Scott, Global Lead of Strategy and Innovation, presented a session exposing how many things in “HR’s Toolbox” contribute to engagement success. Rob also discussed the need for today’s HR leaders to evolve their operating models to maximise the value that HR can offer their customers. 

At the end of the day, it’s not about simply throwing more technology at employees – it’s about enabling people to use the technology to improve their current processes