Client Story : BreadTalk's HR transformation for company growth


BreadTalk Group


Food & Beverage


  • SAP SuccessFactors

  • Employee Central

  • Performance and Goal Management

  • Career and Development Planning

  • EC Payroll

Key Outcomes:

  • Provided clarity on large growing workforce

  • Introduced consistency among countries

  • Eliminated manual processes

  • Enhanced visibility across the board

“I see this as a rare type of partnership where I can genuinely feel that our success is as much our success as Presence of IT’s.” Wing Git Chan, SVP Group HR, Admin & Training, BreadTalk.

Founded in 2000, the BreadTalk Group has rapidly expanded to become a distinctive household brand owner that has established its mark on the world stage with its bakeries, restaurants and food courts. With a brand portfolio including BreadTalk, Food Republic, Toast Box and Din Tai Fung, BreadTalk has seen significant company growth over the last 19 years.


Headquartered in Singapore, the BreadTalk Group has grown to 1,000 outlets across 19 countries, with a total of 8,000 employees. In the early years of the company, expansion into a new country would see teams of people in the new markets set up their own HR systems, policies and standards.

The organisation has its sight set on bigger international ambitions and, understanding the importance of HR’s role in this growth strategy, realised the need to introduce technology to support the business. The challenge for BreadTalk from a group angle was to build a foundation, tighten processes and upgrade systems to be on the same platform, to ensure the scalability for future growth.



With an eye firmly on future growth, BreadTalk chose the SAP SuccessFactors platform for a number of key reasons: 1) a future-ready solution that’s used by other large companies around the world; something that BreadTalk aspires to be; 2) a platform that keeps renewing itself and wasn’t at risk of becoming obsolete; and 3) the scalability that will the solution to keep up with the business growth.

In the initial phase, BreadTalk implemented the Employee Central and Performance Management modules in their core markets of Singapore and China, which account for around 85% of their workforce. This was followed by a rollout to markets in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia. Now, for the first time in BreadTalk’s 19 year history, these markets are all on the same HR platform.

“From the group HR perspective, I have visibility across the board – I no longer need to send out templates for all my different market leads for them to fill out. Right now, at my fingertips I can go out and search for any personnel, I can pull out a report and have the visibility” explains Wing Git Chan, BreadTalk’s SVP Group HR of Admin & Training.

The second phase of BreadTalk’s digital transformation journey was turning on further capabilities, including the Employee Central Payroll module.


Going through the process of a digital transformation deepened BreadTalk’s understanding of their overseas markets and their HR operations, and from a clean slate, enabled them to create alignment and harmonisation. The organisation now has agreement on policies around data input, leave and benefit calculations, and has seen consistency across all the different brands and all markets.

For individual employees, self service around their personal information and leave requests has engendered a sense of ownership, with information readily available at their fingertips.

Wing Git Chan highlights one of the benefits of the payroll module: “visibility across labour costs for us to make better human decisions.”

The implementation of a number of these technologies has made the lives of BreadTalk’s employees easier, improved the compliance and accuracy of their pay calculations, and improved the overall HR effectiveness by relieving the team from repetitive administrative work, freeing them up to do the real value HR work in engaging the business, engaging the workforce, and focus on staff development and retention.

With more growth and new international markets on the horizon, BreadTalk is taking these benefits and strengthening their foundation. “We don’t see it as a cost – it’s really an investment for the future.”

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