Modelling tool for HR decision making

"In isolation, the broad variety of services which HR professionals can offer are not complex. But, aligning these diverse HR activities to achieve a coherent outcome which support business goals is where the real challenges lie.” Rob Scott, Global Lead: Strategy & Innovation


Without realising it, we sometimes dive straight into solution mode by asking ‘HOW’ questions ... ‘How’ should I roll-out Performance Management, ‘How’ should I execute Learning programs or ‘How’ should approach Recruitment and On-board. By doing this it deprives us the important and significant opportunity of stepping back and first asking asking ourselves ’WHY’ doing something is so important, who it’s important to and ‘WHEN’ we should do it, if at all.

Naturally, as HR professionals we want to practice our trade with the very best of intentions - to maximise the value of every person working for our company. We generally have a smorgasbord of tools, techniques, approaches and standards in our professional tool-box which can be applied to opportunities and hurdles which intersect with people in the workplace. But knowing which tools, and in what combination, will provide business value, is easier said than done.


Not all business leaders and executives understand the true value of Professional Human Resources Management. In some cases those leaders only see HR as an administrative and process efficiency function. That may be fine, and just what the organisation needs. However, what HR professionals offer under these conditions is critical to both the HR function and their personal reputations. Executing HR services typically associated with higher levels of maturity can cause business leaders to reinforce their belief that HR folk are ‘Fluffy’, ‘Flavour-of-the-month’ and not business leaders. For professional HR leaders in this situation, it can be a time of great frustration.

In other cases, executives and business leaders absolutely understand the value of people in achieving their business goals. They have high expectations of HR leaders to take on accountability in achieving business goals and objectives through the services they provide. In this scenario it is important to understand HR offerings from a value perspective and how various services, in combination, can be used effectively. 

But even then, sometimes what people say is not what they really mean, or they say things to avoid conflict. That’s not helpful when you need to make decisions on what HR interventions will bring value to people and the business. 

While we would all love to have a bottomless pot of money to execute our HR strategies, in reality we won’t get it all. So we need to understand where we will get our best bang for our buck for our investment.


Whenever a HR professional makes a decision around service offering, it should be done in the context of 3 areas:




When you do this, the value of your offerings become crystal clear, allowing you to make decisions which are appropriate, value adding and prioritised.  This is what ELEMENTS can do for you.

Every HR decision maker needs this - you can be a multi-national or a small operator, but HR decisions made with insight and a framework will enhance your reputation and credibility as a HR professional.


  • Make HR decisions which are right for your business rather than ‘personal objectives’, ‘vendor hype’ or ‘someone’s best practice’;

  • Reduce time and money on unnecessary HR interventions

  • Apply just the right amount of effort and money to HR interventions to get the best value for your organisation

  • Have a solid framework to discuss your HR strategy

  • Know what HR technology will be beneficial and adopted

  • Understand the detail behind your business maturity and what you levers are to improving this

  • Understand your executive and line manager 'Sentiment' towards HR. Are they saying what they really feel?

  • Make sure your HR decisions are aligned to your business and people drivers

  • Feel CONFIDENT about the HR decisions you are making

  • Show LEADERSHIP in how HR will create and maximize value through people 

  • Know EXACTLY what you need to change to improve people value in your organisation.

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