Fast tracking software selection

Taking six months or longer to execute a traditional ‘tick-box’ RFP provides no guarantee, and is usually not the best use of time and expense for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product selection. The fundamentals of SaaS lie in standardised platforms and processes with minimal change. Making a rapid initial product or partner decision leaves you with significantly more time to evaluate and test-drive a solution, reducing business risk and improving adoption.

The RFP Turbo™ methodology is designed for organisations wanting to select modern SaaS technology platforms. Inherent in its design is the principle that selecting a SaaS solution is fundamentally different from selecting on-premise software and significant time and cost can be saved by following an approach which quickly identifies a single vendor to then openly engage with to determine the product suitability.

SaaS software is not owned, updated or coded by you. The technical back-end is owned and managed by the vendor. This design philosophy mean that there are many things you cannot control or manage in the same way as on-premise software. These principles and fundamental design differences don’t warrant the same degree of detailed investigation as on-premise software.

With Turbo RFP, Presence of IT track and analyse 28 HR solutions and solution providers and use the tool and methodology to help organisations make a quick and appropriate vendor identification. The approach reduced the traditional RFP effort/time by 80-90% and provides an answer that is traceable and supported by the involved team.

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