Offshore data is risky business


Knowing the physical location of employee’s sensitive data is often an overlooked security measure in an organisation’s cloud strategy.

Data breaches and sophisticated threats are on the rise which can make your HR, Payroll and Workforce Management data, like TFN’s, bank information and birth dates, a potential target.

When a business makes the move to the cloud, it’s necessary to consider how the physical location of their data can impact their business. Organisations should consider:

  • The benefits of local laws and jurisdiction

  • The importance of lower latency with onshore data

  • Using one partner for hosting and data management

To learn more about managing the risk of employee data in the cloud, click here to download our infographic.

Presence of IT’s Premium Cloud hosting located in Australia provides you with a comprehensive turnkey solution for delivering your Kronos applications. With this deployment option Presence of IT hosts your workforce management solutions in a local private cloud, where users can access data easily and securely over the web – at any time, from anywhere – using a mobile device, tablet, laptop and desktop.

If you’d like to learn more about how the local cloud can benefit your HR, Payroll and Workforce Management operations, contact us. Get in touch with Nick Brown on 0488 222 879 or drop us a line:


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