Tomorrow's Manufacturing Workforce


There is no question that manufacturing is a vital sector in North America, accounting for around 12% of national GDP and regularly considered as a key health indicator for a strong economy. 


Yet the industry faces a number of challenges with the changing HR landscape.  With an increased focus on technology and the employee experience, there’s never been a more important time for a strategic focus on people management.  And despite all the growing emphasis on robotics and AI, the emphasis remains firmly on “people”.


Presence of IT is a highly experienced group of specialist consultants who provide thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services in human capital management.  We work closely with the manufacturing sector to ensure that your technology solutions are aligned with your business objectives.


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10 HR Cloud Technology Myths

Cloud based HR solutions demand a different mind set. They may collect similar data to traditional HR systems, but they are fundamentally different in how they operate and how users interact with them.

People don't like change and cloud HR Systems are driving far more complex change that you may imagine.

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