Turbo RFP took a very messy, time-consuming and biased prone situation and turned it into a transparent and logic based decision making process.
Large Healthcare provider
We didn’t want to spend 4 months going through an RFP. Turbo RFP gave us the top 3 products which aligned to our real needs - all in 3 days!
Port Management company

Lead your HRIS selection in style

Turbo RFP allows your selection team to be heard. Even if they have diverse views and opinions, you achieve a consensual outcome that allows you to move forward with ease.

Traditional RFP approaches can be time consuming and fraught with ‘hidden’ agenda’s. With Turbo RFP you have full transparency of the process, individual perceptions and score results – paving the way to successful solution adoption.

Being bold is not being reckless

Turbo RFP is a structures, quantifiable and traceable process

Shift gear and identify your best vendors in 3-5 days

Select software based on your unique business outcomes

Make software decisions based on Australian analysis

Show commitment to governance & ethical business practices

+ How does Turbo work?

Some background on Turbo RFP?

Turbo RFP is a software solution developed by Presence of IT. It's a modelling platform which creates recommendations based on your unique requirements and priorities. Presence of IT is a specialist HR Technology firm. We analyse 28 HR vendors and solutions used extensively within Australia. This is the IP which sits behind the tool.

  • Each product is rated by our analysts by module, using publicly available information, research reports, product, vendor and financial announcements as well as our own interaction with these products through implementation work, integration or advisory services.
  • Since 2012, we have built a library of ‘Selection Criteria’ which are typically used by clients as key drivers to make software selection decisions. These encompass area such as Architecture, Cost & Commercials, Vendor Profile and Usability.
  • These criteria are pre-scored for each vendor and become the primary filters on product suitability. Clients can add in their own unique requirements, if they are not found in our library.
  • The third set of IP in the tool is what we call ‘Mandatory Filters'. These are the same as selection criteria, but they discard the entire solution from the end result if the product does not comply. These can be set to a partial state, which is useful when comparing scenarios.

Applying a Weighted model to the scoring

  • For each Module in scope and Selection criteria used in the tool, we apply a weighting. To derive the weighting, we use AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) . AHP is a is a structured technique for organising and analysing complex decisions. It’s very useful to get a team of people responsible for selecting a product on the same page and aligned.
  • The AHP results are added into the Turbo tool, but can also be used to identify individuals who are thinking differently from the broader group (think change management insights) and ensures that everyone involved is ‘heard’ and their opinions considered.
  • When the weighing’s are applied in the Turbo RFP ™ tool, the result is a ranking of vendors applicable to your specific requirements and your unique priorities.

+ Who is involved?

As a general rule we recommend you identify a "Software Selection Team" . This team should be be consistent throughout the process and have accountability for their decisions. Depending on your organisation design, the team could include:

  • HR: Including SME's in Payroll, Learning, Talent Aquisition, Performance Management etc. essentially a functional specialist for any software module in scope
  • Finance: If Payroll and or Time management falls under this business area
  • Operations: If WFM is in scope
  • IT: To ensure alignment with technology strategies, objectives and adherance to standards
  • Procurement
  • Project management
  • End users

+ 28 products included in Turbo RFP

+ TURBO RFP Infographic

+ TURBO RFP in action

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