Welcome to the Workplace of the Future


Automation is inevitable.

The dawn of productivity increases is upon us but will require drastic change to the process of corporate management. We’ve interviewed a diverse range of leading organisations to hear how they’re preparing for the future of work. We invite you to enjoy this series of thought leadership videos, along with a fantastic whitepaper, expanding on this topic.


Series Conclusion & Whitepaper

Rob Scott presents a summary and highlights from the series.

Download our Whitepaper here

In this series, we’ve covered topics such as robotics, AI, agility, the open talent economy and real-time response. Our whitepaper covers off all the episode topics and more.



Rob Scott introduces Presence of IT's Workplace of the Future campaign.


Episode 1 - Scaling with Agility

How is technology impacting talent acquisition in the Workplace of the Future? We talk with Kate Tones and David Young from Merivale to find out.

Episode 2 - HR as a Strategic Contributor

We speak with Rick Carpenter and Tina Lundkvist from global dairy leader Fonterra about HR's role as a strategic contributor and the effect that technology is having on HR professionals.

Episode 3 - Crafting the Experience

Who owns culture in your organisation? In the third episode of our thought leadership series, we talk to Marc Havercroft from SAP SuccessFactors about the impact of technology on employee engagement and the employee experience.

Episode 4 - Real-Time Response

Agility and speed are critical to success in a digital work environment, and both are heavily reliant on data for accurate decision making. In the fourth episode of our Workplace of the Future series, we talk to Andrew Barkla from IDP Education Ltd about leveraging data effectively.

Episode 5 - Open Talent Economy

The open talent economy brings huge challenges to leadership and management styles. We talk to Linda Carroll from Affinity Education Group about attracting and retaining quality talent in this final episode of our Workplace of the Future series.


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